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Описание локации

Bansko has a unique combination of natural beauty and investment opportunities. For tourists, this is a resort with magnificent mountain scenery, excellent conditions for winter sports and a rich cultural heritage. For investors, the growth potential in the tourism infrastructure, apartment complexes and entertainment sectors makes Bansko an attractive region for investment.

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Проезд в такси
1.40 per kilometer of travel
Стоимость бензина
2.50 per liter 95 gasoline
Средний чек в ресторане
approximately 15 - 30 leva depending on location
Аренда квартиры
from 150 euros per month for a two-room apartment with a good location, you can find cheaper ones, but it’s unlikely to suit you))
Общественный транспорт
Approximately 3.00 leva per person, depends on the transport you use
2.50 BGN per hour, and pay via SMS or via parking meter


adress icon Несебр, квартал чайка 149, комплекс "Cascadas" , Болгария

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